Welcome — and a note on Taizu spirits

HELLO HELLO my friends, it’s Alistair Grant here, writing from Shanghai.

Sorry I can’t be there in person for the launch of Really Weird Removals.com, but we have a bit of a situation over here and I won’t be able to attend. These Taizu spirits are pretty stubborn things (and they gave the sorest bites)! Their camouflaging skills are just amazing, from my window I can see one that looks just like a post box. Just as well Luca and Valentina are safe home in Eilean and they didn’t come with me on this one.

Anyway, WELCOME to my blog! Luca, Valentina and myself (with occasional guest posts from Daniela Sacerdoti) will be keeping you informed of our whereabouts and our adventures. If you’d like to be featured on this website, you can email me at sos@reallyweirdremovals.com. You can send us your sightings of supernatural creatures, if you’re lucky enough to have the Sight; tips on how to deal with them; and why not, Really Weird Removals.com fan fiction.

Better go, there’s a Taizu in my fridge and it won’t stay there for long. Isn’t this the life?

Speak soon,


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