Merry Christmas from the RWR Team

Hello my friends and Merry Christmas!

I’m in Eilean. Yes, I’m home, ready to enjoy Isabella’s cooking. She’s preparing a special sausages and beans dish for my Christmas dinner – she’ll probably put parmesan in it, but I forgive her. Things are pretty calm at the mo, though probably I shouldn’t jinx it. There has been stuff happening down in Ayr, nothing major, mainly brownies going crazy and breaking havoc in people’s homes. Apparently, they had stolen a coffee machine off one of their families – moral of the story is, never mix faery folk and caffeine! But no news about The Bad Guy. You know, the one that time-jumps and made us late for the book launch. I fear I’ll have a lot more to say about him soon…

In the meanwhile, apart from the caffeinated brownies, Christmassy things are going on in the Grant household. Camilla is delivering ghostagrams, Luca and Valentina are in school rehearsing the Christmas service (Valentina will play the fiddle) Isabella is cooking and Duncan… No, he’s not writing, believe it or not. He’s in Glasgow for work, with a shopping list from Isabella as long as his arm.

All is peaceful, all is calm. But for how long?

Any signs of The Bad Guy time-jumping somewhere near you? Write in!

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