Travels Around Europe

Hello hello little paranormal investigators! How are you all?

Sorry about the long silence, I’ve been travelling around Europe’s museums and antique shops looking for Something. Better not tell you that the Something I’m looking for can save our bacon, if the nasty guy I told you about in previous blogs does what he’s planning to do. So it’s bad news and good news. Bad news, we might be in big trouble soon. ‘We’ as in everyone, starting from us lot on Eilean. Good news: I’m on the case. Which is why I’ve been away.

But enough mysteries! I owe Katie a reply to her cry for help. Katie, your puppy, your werepuppy. Having a werepuppy – future werewolf – for a pet has its disadvantages (they eat the furniture and might, in time, eat the postman) and its advantages (nobody will annoy you ever again). But I worry your werepuppy might have a weremummy looking for him. Place your werepuppy outside for one night – don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe. If he’s gone by the morning, his mum has come for him, or he wanted to be free. If he’s still there, he wants to be your pet. In that case, three rules: no human meat, no going out when there’s a full moon, and a bath every second Wednesday (they get terribly messy and smelly too). Hope this answers your question.

I also got an email from a reader from Lewis who wants to be part of Really Weird Removals. I shall not disclose her name because it’s been added to the Secret Paranormal Database (only shared with Mi5 and the Home Office). You’re in our files, reader GHLEW12.

Until next time – and watch your watches…all will be revealed!


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