The Big News

Hello, hello my friends! How are those summer holidays going?

It’s been busy here on Eilean. Remember that Something I was looking for last time? Well, it’s turned out to be more of a Nothing. Months I spent in Europe, searching through museums and antique shops, but it looks like the Bad Guy got there first. I’m still on the case, paranormal pals, but keep your eyes peeled …

But never mind the Bad Guy, have you heard The Big News? Dani’s book about our adventures has only gone and been shortlisted for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards 2013. Really Weird Removals are moving up in the world!

When I got the phonecall from Edinburgh, I thought those nasty city ghouls had started lifting the tramlines again. Either that or the Floris girls were stuck in another time fold. But it was just those nice folk at the Scottish Book Trust letting me know that this year’s Award has an all-Kelpie shortlist for the Younger Readers category – and our book was one of them!

The RWR team are so proud of Dani and we can’t wait for the Big Reveal in March 2014. I’m having a celebratory sausage and beans in the meanwhile, but with none of Isabella’s parmesan this time!

Send us an email and let us know what you think about The Big News. Maybe all that positive digital energy will send the Bad Guy a message …











Ps. And to all the boys and girls who’ll be reading about our adventures to pick the winner, remember that Really Weird Removals are here for all your paranormal pest control needs.

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