Meet the Team

Meet the Really Weird Removal Team!


Hi everyone, I’m Luca and I’m twelve (almost thirteen) years old. My favourite thing in the world is playing shinty, I’m the fastest runner in my whole school! I can also talk to sea creatures: I’m a sea-whisperer. So, any problems with mermaids, selkies, kelpies and stuff, I’m your guy!


Hello, I’m Valentina, Luca’s sister and I’m eleven. I love cryptozoology: learning about mysterious creatures like the Loch Ness monster, the Yeti, unicorns and stuff like that. RWR is brilliant and so exciting, I get to see supernatural creatures all the time (I knew they were real!).

  Uncle Alistair

Hello all. I’m Luca and Valentina’s uncle and the founder of the Really Weird Removals company. I’m resident experts on ghosts, kelpies, werewolves and vampires (to name a few). I can also open time folds… As well as dealing with supernatural creatures, I also enjoy updating my Paranormal Database. Sorry I don’t have a profile picture, I’m just not very photogenic.


Helllllooooo I’m Camilla. Some people can see me, some can’t. That’s because I’m a ghost (a nice, friendly one). I love being seen, but some people don’t like ghosts, so I have to be careful who I show myself to. One great thing about being a ghost is that I can put my head through walls to see what’s in the next room, very handy.


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